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I've been recommending and selling books to people for almost twenty years now, so I'm afraid I couldn't resist putting together some reading lists concerning my travel destinations. I've tried to stick mostly to literature I've actually read and guidebooks I've traveled with so you will get first-hand critiques. Don't see one of your favorites? Send me an email at books (at) terrelltravels.com and I'll consider it for addition. If you want to see what I'm reading right now, check my blog.

Here are my favorite books about  Turkey. It was getting to be a long list, so I left out a few but I may relent and put them back.

It's hard to say finished when you're talking about books about Tuscany but here's my current list of recommendations.

A few books that I like about Scotland


You could easily spend the rest of your life reading books that have something to do with London. Here are a few to get you started.


My drive through seven Western states in the spring of 2007 went by so fast, I used literature to slow it down with one book for each state. Here's my list of suggested reading to accompany my Western Driving Trip.


While it's possible to find plenty of novels related to Argentina, quality non-fiction is surprisingly scarce, especially if you are interested primarily in Buenos Aires. Here are some guide books I liked, one or two history books and my faves of the novels I've found.