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I bought a Canon digital camera when I arrived in Dallas and suddenly discovered that I'm not quite as bad at photography as I had always thought. You can see what I've been playing with on my Flickr page.

I've always loved to sing and have been involved with various choirs since childhood. For the last two years I've been singing with the choir at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Dallas. I built a little webpage for them and started a blog too. We'll see if they keep it up now that I'm gone. Actually, the woman who took it over is a real programmer so I'm sure it will improve dramatically. Before that I sang with The Market Street Singers in Seattle. Anybody know of a good choir in Portland? I'll be looking for one to join when I get there in November.

I got very interested in genealogy a few years ago and have been working on the family tree. At last count, I had 1,255 individuals in the file. Someday, I'll get around to posting it to Ancestry.com.